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An organization may encounter different groups of buyers who may exhibit altogether diverse interests and characteristics. Amongst these are the Consumers, the Middlemen (distributors, wholesalers, retailers, and agents) and the Manufacturers. In iReckoner Sales and Distribution, these groups can be defined through a combination of Territory, Customer and Agent Definitions. The system has been designed to provide an effective and efficient Sales & Order Management for all these groups.
Pricing of a Sales Order may be defined as specific or generic, based on either the territory or the customer parameter. Sales Territories are defined hierarchically. Within each territories respective customer details are defined, through which their history can be tracked against orders. In case of Dealers and Distributors, credit limits may be defined at the time of appointment.
iReckoner incorporates sales documents such as Request for Quotation (RFQ), Quotation Registration, Sales Order, Delivery Advice and Invoice.
Sales and Order Processes for varied sales environments like "Make to order" and "Make to stock" can be handled. A "Make to Order" strategy begins with a Sales Enquiry and quotation submission with the pricing & charge scheme specification. The process for a "Make to stock" strategy begins directly with order procurement. Sales Promotion schemes (discounts, free gifts etc.) can be attached with different order types. Once a Sales Order is procured, it can be revised and is scheduled for delivery.
Stock Availability can be checked at the time of the Sales Order itself. A Delivery Advice is generated based on the Required-by dates. Requisition can be raised to Inventory, for finished goods. When the status of goods in Delivery Advice changes to Dispatched, Material is issued from Inventory and a Gate Pass is issued. Transport information is also maintained in the system. The Invoice also covers the different charges and tax schemes.
In case of Retail Sales, the Invoice is generated directly without any reference documents.
iReckoner Sales and Distribution Management integrates with iReckoner Inventory Management and takes care of actual scheduling for availability of Finished Goods.
iReckoner Sales & Distribution also constantly interfaces with iReckoner Financials as the Sales Invoice is based on the Sales Order and discounts & taxes, which also result in a Sales Voucher being generated in iReckoner Financials.
During the collection process, iReckoner Sales & Distribution interfaces with iReckoner Receivables. Adjustments are made against Invoice. A Bank Receipt Voucher is generated as & when a collection is made.