"An innovative ERP cloud solution that enables users to manage their business transactions on the web as geographically dispersed users benefit from real-time access to the centrally managed online information."

  Reckoner on Cloud

Supports 100+ users

Setup and Configuration by the vendor

Onsite implementation with complete BPE process

Onsite and offsite client support

User defined Documents and Process definition


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Supports upto 50 users

Auto Setup and Configuration

Self implementation

Email based client support

Simple workflow

System defined Document and Process definitions


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Reckoner SFA

Mobile Application for Salesforce

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Sales Order Booking




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Why Reckoner?

Low Investment

Reckoner Cloud solutions require little upfront investment.

They are consumed on a subscription basis with all aspects of the offering provided by the supplier.

Services are the only investment required.

Highly Secure

First and foremost point come when going to cloud, is its safety.

Reckoner uses Amazon Cloud Services and one of the safest cloud computing services in industry.

Security groups and network ACLs allows customer to control inbound and outbound network access to and from the server.


Customer pay only for what they consume, and always have access to as much as you need.

Dependable ERP

A very robust and unmatched functionality gives Reckoner ERP an edge to be leader in cloud ERP segment.

Reckoner provides all the modules tightly integrated to map all the processes of an organisation.

Over 40+ unique reports
with many custom designs

Mobile Compatible

Reckoner4 ERP comes with a cutting edge technology that helps running on mobile device platform

Rich Graphical View

Great graphical representation helps getting quick view of reports in a speedy manner. Reckoner has it all.


Configurable eMail

Reckoner4 ERP gives functionality of email on the ERP, so that you don't switch browers

Excel Uploading

Uploading Excels for masters definitions, GRIN and many more documents

Discover great feautres

With dedicated cloud technologies there are many features that comes with Reckoner4 ERP


User Role type based Dashboards

We have a great functionality of Role type based Dashboards, which is up to date with any single transaction done in the system, with many gadgets to use


Easy to Configure

With dedicated cloud technologies there are many features that comes with Reckoner4 ERP. With minimum definition and setting to do, Reckoner4 ERP is the GenX ERP to use. It is easy to configure and smooth in functioning. All the features on Cloud!! no need to purchase servers now.


Predefined Documents

Reckoner4 ERP comes with predefined documents for all modules, so there is no need to define the documents and waste time in definitions. Documents for all the modules including Inventory, Sales, Purchase, Finance, Payroll.. There is more to explore. Click on Learn More.


Large Number of SKU

Reckoner4 ERP is designed to handle large number of SKU seemlessly. Some of our clients are using nearly 30000 SKU with Reckoner4 ERP. Also with the functionality of uploading the masters from excel makes the ERP world a simpler place. Cutting cost with Fast Implementation. There is more to explore. Click on Learn More.

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