Reckoner4 User Guide
Account Definition
Organisations can create unlimited number of hierarchical Sub Groups and Accounts within the default Groups.    
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Account Definition

Account Type

Select account type.
Account Types
Associated with bank type of vouchers
Bank Reconciliation, Cash flow/ Fund flow Statement
Associated with cash type vouchers
Bank Reconciliation, Cash flow/ Fund flow Statement
For external parties – customer, vendor, dealer, supplier or employee
Receivables/ Payables
No functionality associated, can be used anywhere.
Associated with sales voucher types
Sales Day books, Customer Ledgers, Sales Transactions
Associated with purchase voucher types
Purchase Day books, Vendor Ledgers, Purchase Transactions
For provisional type of vouchers. Debit & credit account should be provisional accounts.
Ledgers and Balance sheets
Currency variation and Price variation
General ledger
An Account can be defined as Controlling Account by selecting the option External from the Account Type and then select "Yes" button for controlling account. An account can be a controlling account for creditors, debtors and employee payable. Sub Ledgers are defined to maintain the details of Parties, which could be a customer, vendor, supplier or dealer and has reference to the Party. An Account containing the sub ledgers is called a Controlling Account.
To define a sub ledger, select the controlling Account option. Sub Ledger Tab page appears. Enter the Sub Ledger Name, Opening Date, select the Party and Status from the drop down menu. Similarly, you can define other sub ledgers within this account. 


Select status of the account (Open, Closed, Transferred, Restricted, Frozen)
Open: If the status of an Account is ‘Open’, you can do any transactions and can also extract reports.
Close: In this case neither can you make any transaction nor can you take out reports. To close an Account, you must ensure that status of all the vouchers associated with that Account is posted and the Account should be detached from every document where it is attached.
Transferred: The status of an Account is transferred when the account is closed and the balances are transferred to another account.
Restricted: In this case, new transactions cannot be made but you can post the existing transactions.
Frozen: If an account is frozen, it cannot be detached from any document with which it is associated.