Reckoner4 User Guide
  • Manufacturing
Reckoner’s Manufacturing/Production module manages the whole gamut of Production Planning, Shop Floor Management Assembly Line Design, and Machine Allocation & Maintenance and Human Resource allocation. It provides your organization with an optimal production schedule according to a pre-determined plan.
     Production Master Definitions
Before getting into Production, you must know that every term associated with it is defined through the Definitions. The Reckoner system is integrated with your organization’s functioning through a complex procedure of definitions which customises the software part to suit the needs of your enterprise. Definitions are the fundamental information about your organization, its resources and work processes that are mapped (installed) onto the ERP system at the time of implementation.
Some of these classify as master definitions which represent core information, which can be modified only with the highest authorization. The production definitions include: Product Group, Production Order Type, Production Unit Type, Production Unit Group, BOM Definition, Resource Definition, Production Activity Group, Routing Definition and Job Confirmation Definition.
If you need more information on the Master Definitions contact your ERP Implementers or your System Administrator.