Reckoner4 User Guide
  • Inventory
The Reckoner Materials module helps in the planning and control of inventory, purchase, goods receipt and material issue. Its functions include matching stock levels with production orders and accessing stock information on a dynamic basis. This module enables efficient buying, stocking, and handling of stock assets. By accumulating and analysing essential information from other Reckoner modules, the system promotes optimal inventory investment and accurate order fulfilment.  This in turn results in the purchase of the right items in the right quantities at the right time and prices .
      Materials Master Definitions
The installation of the Materials Module and its integration with other functional areas of your Enterprise is achieved through a complex procedure of Definitions. Definitions are the fundamental information about your organization, its resources and work processes that are mapped (installed) onto Reckoner at the time of implementation.
Some of these classify as master definitions, which represent core information modifiable only with the highest authorization. The Materials Master Definitions include: Warehouse Definition, GRIN Definition, Item Definition, Package Definition, Stock Group Definition, Stock Category Definition, Stock Type Definition, Party Definition, Charge Definition, Terms and Conditions.
For more information on the Master Definitions, contact your Reckoner Implementers or your System Administrator.