Reckoner4 User Guide
Organization Management
This function is used to define the organization hierarchy through designations. Reckoner ERP provides for four levels of hierarchy split up into groups – Top Level Management and Departments. The first group comprises those who have cross-functional roles, while the second group comprises module-specific functional designations in three hierarchical levels. Note that these hierarchical designations are meant for System Administration purposes only for granting authorization. They are not to be confused with salary hierarchy or seniority.
For example, a personal secretary to a CEO could be defined in Top Level Management because of his or her need to access information from different modules.
(Path: Definition Common System Organisation Definition )
Understanding Hierarchy & Designations
Users do not have direct function access. When a user is created, he does not have any rights to perform action on any function. The function access is through designations. Therefore, it is necessary to assign at least one designation to a user, though a user can hold more than one designation across departments. Designations are defined within departments. It is possible that different departments can have similar or different designations. Within a department you can define designations upto four levels including the Top Level Management. For example –
Manufacturing Department
Director – Top Level Management
GM (Technical) – Top Level Management
Factory Manager
The Functions/ Security Access Levels are assigned to the designations defined below.
Top Level Management
Select the <company name> and Top Level Management under the company from the right frame. On Right click add row and enter the name of the Superior Officer, the Designation of the user and User name. Click on Save. You can similarly add details of all users under Top Level Management.
Select the <Company Name> and “Departments”  from the right frame. In the Department Details Tab enter the Department Name. Click on save.
To attach the designation details of a department, select the existing department. Click on Designation tab and enter the name of the Superior Officer, Designation of the user and User name. Save it.