Reckoner4 User Guide
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Sales Management module handles the sale of finished goods. This system helps in preparing a sales plan depending upon management goals as well as the production plans. Apart from the planning of this module, this system helps in Customer database management, their ratings, replying to their inquiries as well as tenders, pricing of products, product catalogue maintenance, quotation management, receiving orders, post order processing, delivery scheduling, goods delivery, invoicing etc. This module interfaces with inventory management module for its requirement of finished goods, which takes care of actual scheduling for availability of materials by interfacing with Purchase module, Production Planning and Shop Floor Management module. Production planning module interfaces with sales management module for the sales plan and prepares the production plan accordingly. Sales Management module also interfaces with Receivable and payable module for payment of bills. Also, it prepares necessary vouchers by interfacing with financial accounting module .
Sales and Distribution Master Definitions
The installation of the Sales and Distribution Module and its integration with other functional areas of your Enterprise is achieved through a complex but very user-friendly procedure of Definitions. Definitions are the fundamental information about your organization, its resources and work processes that are mapped (installed) onto the ERP system at the time of implementation.
Some of these are classified as master definitions, which represent core information, which can be modified only with the highest authorization. The Sales and Distribution Master Definitions include Party, Charges, Charge Schemes, Agents, Territory, Customers, Product parameters and Products.
There are also some other definitions within other Reckoner modules (like finance). These must be completed before defining sales components. They are:
Accounts – Accounts for products, Accounts (Sub-ledgers) for parties, External accounts for parties.
Items (from Materials)
If you need more information on the Master Definitions contact your Reckoner Implementers or your System Administrator.