Reckoner4 User Guide
User Management
After defining the Enterprise, its user information is then mapped on to the system. Users are those employees who are needed to work on the ERP system. Note that the number of users defined cannot be more than the users permitted by the software license – the license only restricts the number of concurrent users. Users are provided with unique IDs (identifying names) along with personal passwords.
Using this function, Reckoner puts in place a sophisticated Tracking System, which makes it possible to trace which person performed a particular action, even if the event occurred months or years earlier.
Adding a User
User definition maintains the information of individual user. For defining Users, proceed as follows: Click on Plus Sign. Enter the User Name, his Log-in -Id, and Password in the User Details Tab page. Select the group from the User Groups in which user is a member. Mark the rules for the user from the rules Tab. Click Save button.
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