• Sales


Process Overview
The sales process in iReckoner covers pre-sales, sales and sales accounting operations in the sales cycle. It starts from capturing the customer requirements in the form of enquiry to sales quotation which is sent to the customer. Once the customer agrees on the quotation , sales order is generated which in turn is dispatched and then invoiced to the customer.
(i) Document is generated at each step in the process
(ii) Data once entered gets copied to the next document automatically through reference document hence saves data entry time as well as prevents errors.
(iii) Approval process can be defined for different documents based on the organization's work flow
(iv) The process flow is flexible which can follow different paths e.g. 
(v) There is a standard sales process which caters to majority of the sales business operations. Besides this, the system also offers functionality to define different sales process e.g. Sales Process for Exports, Sales Process for Institutional Sales
(vi) There are additional documents i.e. Sales Return for handling the sales return process. Credit Note is generated in case of sales return. Credit Note can also be used in case there is difference in the invoice amount or discount is given to the customer after generating invoice.
(vii) There is real time impact on inventory quantities during the sales dispatch and account ledger during the invoicing