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Business Intelligence,BI information, is a critical aspect for organizations and it is needed by almost everyone. People at the top levels in the companies need a certain amount of business intelligence to be able to intelligently analyse the organization’s performance and measure its key performance indicators.

Reckoner BIS consists of several predefined cubes which extract data from the core database. This data is presented to you in various formats and views. Reckoner BI is capable of generating complex multidimensional representations. And it does this at incredible speeds. You can view data in multidimensional forms like Grids, histograms, 3D graphs, 2D graphs, and dashboards. It allows you to create your own views and customize representations dynamically. Using a combination of SQL queries and visualization tools, you can have multiple views of a single data set or single representations of complex multiple datasets. Reckoner BI allows users to access the same on a LAN /WAN or through the internet.

Reckoner BI gives you the information which can answer key questions for your business such as –

  • Which are my most profitable customers?
  • Which are my most profitable products?
  • Which period accounts for my maximum sales?
  • When is my inventory going to fall below acceptable levels etc.?


Ascomp’s BIS application consists of

  • Pivot reports
  • Gadgets reports
  • BI Reports
  • Google Gadgets
  • Email integration
  • What if analysis reports
  • Normal reports
  • Report scheduling & delivery

Objectives of BIS




  • Alignment of an organization around a consistent set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and metrics.
  • Quicker, fact based decision making
  • Simplified graphical presentation of KPIs and metrics
  • Reliable presentation of information
  • Faster collection and dissemination of information.
  • The ability to access data in a common format from multiple sources like ERP system, other sales tracking system etc.




Features Present in Reckoner BIS

  • Definable accessibility setting for each report as well as for each user.
  • Calculated columns can be added in a report.
  • User can save all changes in a report as a template.
  • Sorting - User can sort any column in a report.
  • Formula - User can add a row and insert any formula.
  • Formatting - User can format any column or report. (like font type, size etc. )
  • Save report (Excel & xml) - Report can save in excel and xml. User can open it without application
  • Graph & Chart - On the basis of report data, user can view different type of graphs
  • Report Mailing – Integrated with Microsoft Outlook. A report can be emailed to a user.
  • Themes - Application has different themes style, user can set on their themes
  • Action -Action work like detail data of any cell in the report.

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