Reckoner Commerce

Reckoner Commerce

Organizations across the countries are finding a need to make their business process-on-line. Reckoner Commerce will cater specifically to day-to-day transactions of finance, Inventory, Purchase and Sales of an enterprise. Reckoner Commerce gives your company efficient supply chain management at every level of your operation. Integrates data captured at all the different stages and provides managers a clear, complete perspective on their business across national, currency, and organizational boundaries. The benefit is that companies streamline their operations and perform activities that add value efficiently and effectively.

Reckoner Commerce now offers an innovative processbased e-commerce solution, covering the entire Order to Cash cycle through the web. e- Reckoner is essentially an extension of Reckoner Commerce that enables you to leverage your external processes optimally, besides the automation of internal processes through Reckoner Commerce.

Reckoner Commerce gives your company efficiency in supply chain management at every level of your operation and provides users with a personalised interactive merchandising experience. It provides a platform for authorised buyers and sellers to transact and benefit from a wide range of e-services.

In the Procurement process, Reckoner Commerce integrates an organisation with supplier and manufacturers.


It improves the purchasing cycle, makes available products at negotiated prices, reduces purchase order costs, and cuts down inventory levels. Further, it enables establishing a direct relationship with the vendor, thereby eliminating intermediary levels.

Reckoner Commerce tracks the entire procurement process through formally initiated documents like Online Vendor Registration, Online Enquiry and Quotation Submission, Online Purchase Order Monitoring and Tracking, Online Supplier Integration and Online Invoice Acceptance.

The implementation of the sales cycle in Reckoner Commerce integrates an enterprise with its Distributors, Resellers, Branches and Warehouses. Business transactions are carried out online.


This reduces organisations sales costs, expands market reach, creates new sales channels, boosts sales and improves customer satisfaction. The Customer can have a 24-hour access to inventory availability, realistic order delivery estimates, online order placement and complete order tracking.

Reckoner Commerce records each Sales Transaction through documents like Customer Registration, Online Order Receiving, Online Dispatch Monitoring and Online Invoicing & Payment Receipt. Automated e-Mailers are used for transferring relevant information.

Reckoner Commerce consists of :

Sales: It covers the entire sales cycle including Enquiry to Order and Order to Invoice

Procurement: It tracks the entire procurement process in formally initiated documents covering RFQ to Purchase Order and Purchase Order to Invoice.

Inventory: Maintains records of stock transactions and the overall inventory status across the enterprise. Also helps manage the categorisation as well as the storage of stock.

Financials: Maintains a record of day-to-day financial transactions, receivables and payables and payment and collection processing
Reckoner Commerce-Features


Customer or Dealer Inquiry Information
Preparation and revision of Quotation against enquiry reference
Raising of orders
Raising of Delivery Advice against Sales Order
Invoice generation
Interfaces with Inventory module to check for stock availability at the time of dispatch and generates material issue.
Interfaces with Finance module to generate vouchers from invoices, collection processing and to adjust receivables and payables.


Tracks material movement using documents like GRIN, Material Issue, Gate Entry and Requisition.
Management of storage material by allocation of lots to goods during GRIN.
Maintains document registers for maintaining day-to-day transactions.
MIS reports such as Stock Ledger, Consumption Details show the stock status at a glance.
Performance analysis reports such as Items Below Stock help in planning for procurement.
Integration with Finance Module through Material Accounting reports.
Integration with Sales Module to manage better delivery.

Indent Raising
Sending Requests For Quotation to the various suppliers
Recording the various Quotations
Placing the Purchase Order
Receiving the Invoice from Supplier
Integration with Finance department through payable management.
Integrates with Inventory Management as the goods received against Purchase Order are recorded through GRIN.


Records day-to-day transactions using Vouchers
Automated Payment Processing
Adjustment of vouchers against Receivables and Payables.
Generates important Statements like Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Account etc.
Flexible statements on Assets, Liabilities, Income and Expense for weekly, monthly and yearly periods.
Maintenance of Bank Book, Cash Book etc.
Interfaces with Sales through automatic voucher generation and covers the invoicing to collection process of the Sales cycle.
Integrates with Purchase Module through payment processing and adjusting receivables and payables.


Stock Management
Godown Management
Quality Management


Purchase Management
Vendor Management


Customer Management
Distribution Management
Sales Management
Order Management


General Ledger
Payment and Collection


Gate Entry Register
Delivery Challan Register
GRN Register
Material Issue Register
Pending Indent Analysis Report
Quotation Register
PO Register
Pending PO Analysis Report
Purchase Order Analysis Report
Invoice Register
Stock Ledger
Stock Summary
Current Available Stock
Consumption Reports
Stock Level Reports

Sales Order Register
Product-wise Order Booking Report
Dispatch Register
Dispatch Due Report (Productwise)
Invoice Register
Sales Day Book (Invoice-wise)
Sales Day Book (Customerwise)
Order Analysis Report
Pending Sales Order Analysis ReportSales MIS Reports

Account Ledger
Detailed Controlling Leger Report
Detailed Sub Ledger Report
Bank/Cash/Day Book
Sub Ledger Trial
Account Trial
Trial Balance
Balance Sheet
COA Balance Sheet
COA Profit/Loss Account
Asset/Income/Expense/ Liability Change Analysis Statement
Bank Ledger
Opening Balance Report

       and others....

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