Integrate your eCommerce with ERP

e Commerce integration is the coordination between a company’s e Commerce site and back-end ERP system. Proper integration enables the flow of information bidirectionally between the two systems meaning data only needs to be entered into the system once. This results in various efficiencies such as inventory levels automatically updating at the back-end as product is sold on the site and at the front-end as product gets added into inventory.

Integrating your e Commerce sales with Reckoner ERP system allows you to manage Sales order, Inventory, Items, Customers, Discounts, Promotion Schemes more smoothly and efficiently.


Using ERP integration with e Commerce site data will be captured with out human interventions. There are several benefits which will courage you to have integration with ERP systems.

1. Real Time On Line : –The availability of real-time data from the ERP system on e Commerce site, allows customers to see available inventory, latest order status, and track shipments with tracking numbers. It will not only reduce your cost of operations and also improves customer experience. Any change done in central data server will have impact on the e Commerce site.

2. Reduction inventory cost using updated sales information : – Any sales transactions is done on the site, system will itself generate the Sales Order, Sales Dispatch, & Sales Invoice. Inventory will be updated once the sales transactions is done.

3. Financial Impacts : – Any sales is updated on e-commerce site, after sales invoice is generated financial transactions will get updated automatically. Different reports & ledger will be available Balance Sheet, P/L Statement, Trial Balance, Cash Flow, etc. which gives the transparency in financial information across the organization.

4. No Manual interventions and data errors : – With integration, web customer details, web orders, payment & shipping information will be integrated to ERP system, similarly Item and Inventory details can be uploaded from ERP to e-commerce site, so using this integration there is no need of entering the data again and again. The data will be in 2 way direction. The data will gets updated from ERP to e Commerce site and vice versa.

5. Increase Customer Satisfaction : – Ease of getting most up to date product information, inventory availability detail, order tracking detail, etc. in the web from ERP system, customer satisfaction level raises a lot and it reduces operational hassle for the business.

6. Better Control over Organizations : – 6. Integration of e-commerce and ERP business processes provides you a better control over the organization.

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