Goal Setting

Enables the sales representative to set goals for themselves. Then these goals can be tracked and performance is measured.

Time Tracking

Sales representative can punch in and punch out in the mobile app to mark their working hours.

Offline / Online Mode

The mobile app allows to perform the sales operations in offline mode and can synchronize the date once it is connected. The data gets immediatel updated while working in online mode.

Product Catalogue

Sales representative can view or show the products image and details to the customers. Products can be viewed brandwise/ category wise.

Order Booking

Sales representatives can book order as soon as it is finalised. Sales order is generated in the system based on the defined pricing scheme.

Track Order Status

Sales representatives can track the status of sales orders and keep the customers posted accordingly.

Route Plan

Sales representatives can plan their customer visits at the start of the day.

Stock Updates

Sales representatives can check the stock details for any product ready for the mobile app.


Sales representatives can view the daily sales report and analyse the sales data for further action planning.

GPS Tracking

GPS tracking is enabled to locate the customers on the route. Sales representatives location can be tracked during the sales visit.

Integration with inhouse softwares/ERPs

Application is designed to work with any inhouse software or ERP alresdy running in an organisation , in an integrated fashion.

Seamless integration with reckoner ERP

This application is integrated with Reckoner ERP , hence it can be upscaled to cover other business operations alongwith the sales operations.

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